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The Perfect Irish Christmas Gifts for 2021

Christmas Gifts with Free Shipping Included

At Suileir, we’re counting down the days until Christmas, and time is going by pretty quickly!

Although it seems like it’s getting that bit earlier each year, to be perfectly honest, there’s really is nothing quite like the feeling of Christmas. The lights, the food, the presents, the feelings of togetherness, and most of all, the feeling of giving.

This year, Christmas is all set to be a particularly special one after the challenges of the last 18 months. Now’s the time to say thank you to your nearest and dearest for their support and love during a time that has undoubtedly been hard for everyone.

Sometimes though it can be challenging to find just the right present for friends and family and it can be all too tempting to just grab some socks or underwear to save on the hassle!


That’s why at Suileir we’re happy to say that we can offer our fantastic range of Irish art, with FREE worldwide shipping!

The Gift Of Irish Art

At Súileir, we offer you the unique opportunity to send your loved ones the ideal Christmas gift – one of our superb professionally curated images – sent to them wherever they are in the world with free worldwide shipping. 

Gift wrapped

We have a vast available selection of Irish images ranging from landscapes, cities, music, sport, nature, culture, and art to choose from. As authentic ‘pieces of Ireland’, they have the exceptional ability to evoke the strongest of memories and feelings. Through our images you can almost hear the laughter and songs, smell the rain and the grass, and experience the soul of the vibrant cities of our beautiful little country.

As gifts, these images are sure to be treasured year after year.

What’s more, is that any image can also be beautifully framed and sent with a personalised note in one of our special postage-tracked Gift Boxes, to be shipped anywhere across the world for free. We’ll also provide you with a tracking number so you can track your purchase.


For more information on our personalised gifts, click here.

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