Bloomsday 2021 – Suileir’s Involvement

The James Joyce Centre and Súileir

We are delighted to announce a collaboration created to celebrate the centenary of the first publication of James Joyce’s masterpiece, ‘Ulysses’.

Plans have already commenced on some very exciting events and exhibitions for this unique and remarkable date celebrating Bloomsday 2022.

Súileir is a curated gallery of Irish photography and art, covering many aspects of modern Ireland. Súileir hosts a community of extremely talented photographers and artists, whose work includes stunning images of Irish landscapes, cities, towns, music, culture, sport, and wildlife.

Everybody at Súileir is particularly excited about the collaboration with The James Joyce Centre, and are very much looking forward to working together.

For our involvement during Bloomsday 2021, we are assembling images that represent events, scenes, and locations featured in the writings of James Joyce, as part of a permanent exhibition. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, all images in the exhibition will be available on our website accessible via the link below.

As the country eventually returns to normal following lockdown, the exhibition will then be available to the public, along with additional materials being added as time progresses.

At Súileir, we look forward to working for you all by bringing as many beautiful images and memorable events together as we can for this fantastic event!

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