Photographer Spotlight – Tom Lawlor

At Súileir, we know a thing or two about truly great pieces of photographic art, and, thanks to our many years of experience in the industry, we have grown to become self-confessed ‘connoisseurs’ of Irish Art in particular!

The very best of art from Ireland’s best talents

Mary Ryan's Wash Day, Dublin Airport
Mary Ryan's Washing Day

Through our passionate and painstaking curation of amazing images of our very own Emerald Isle, visible right here in our shop, we’ve managed to accumulate a vast collection of some of the finest imagery from some of Ireland’s very best homegrown photographers and artists.

This art is curated not just for our own benefit here at home, but for the benefit of those seeking a little piece of Ireland, anywhere in the world.

Day in and day out, we have the pleasure of working with a great community of wonderful local photographers and artists throughout Ireland. So today, as a thank you – and as part of a new Súileir series acknowledging the talent behind the lens and the brush – we’d like to introduce you to a photographer who likely needs no introduction to true lovers of Irish photography, Mr. Tom Lawlor!

Tom Lawlor – The brief background of a Professional Photographer and Broadcaster

For those not already aware, Tom Lawlor is an Irish Photographer with an international reputation. During his time as a photojournalist with The Irish Times spanning 17 years, Tom’s commissions included assignments in Northern Ireland, the USSR, India, Bangladesh, Africa, Greenland, China, and Thailand.

Tom has received many awards for his work, including the highly-prestigious ‘Photographer of the Year’ in 1982. Over the years he has also exhibited and lectured on various topics, and is a regular after dinner speaker who has also contributed to the ‘Abbey Theatre Lunchtime Lectures’, and the ‘Kilkenny Arts Festival’.

He is also a regular contributor to the ‘Arts Show’ and was previously co-presenter on ‘Media Matters’ on the nationwide Newstalk 106 radio channel, based right here in Dublin. Most recently Tom presented his own programme ‘Eye of the Mind’ on Irish’s national broadcasting station, RTÉ Radio.

Tom’s publications include: ‘Dublin – One in a Thousand’, ‘Tom Lawlor at the Gate’, and ‘Ways of Knowing’.

In 2008 Tom was presented with honorary life membership of the Irish Professional Photographers’ Association in recognition of his contribution to photography, and he has also been acknowledged in the Encyclopaedia of Ireland for his contribution to photojournalism, as well as his commentary on the art of photography. 

Curated Works

Súileir are very proud to be able to feature the works of Tom Lawlor. 

Most recently, we’re also proud to say that we’ve even collaborated directly with Tom on a substantial project for the 100th anniversary of the first publication of ‘Ulysses’, in conjunction with The James Joyce Centre.

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