Photographer Spotlight – Tom Lawlor

Photographer Spotlight – Tom Lawlor

At Súileir, we know a thing or two about truly great pieces of photographic art, and, thanks to our many years of experience in the industry, we have grown to become self-confessed ‘connoisseurs’ of Irish Art in particular!

The very best of art from Ireland’s best talents

Mary Ryan's Wash Day, Dublin Airport
Mary Ryan's Washing Day

Through our passionate and painstaking curation of amazing images of our very own Emerald Isle, visible right here in our shop, we’ve managed to accumulate a vast collection of some of the finest imagery from some of Ireland’s very best homegrown photographers and artists.

This art is curated not just for our own benefit here at home, but for the benefit of those seeking a little piece of Ireland, anywhere in the world.

Day in and day out, we have the pleasure of working with a great community of wonderful local photographers and artists throughout Ireland. So today, as a thank you – and as part of a new Súileir series acknowledging the talent behind the lens and the brush – we’d like to introduce you to a photographer who likely needs no introduction to true lovers of Irish photography, Mr. Tom Lawlor!

Tom Lawlor – The brief background of a Professional Photographer and Broadcaster

For those not already aware, Tom Lawlor is an Irish Photographer with an international reputation. During his time as a photojournalist with The Irish Times spanning 17 years, Tom’s commissions included assignments in Northern Ireland, the USSR, India, Bangladesh, Africa, Greenland, China, and Thailand.

Tom has received many awards for his work, including the highly-prestigious ‘Photographer of the Year’ in 1982. Over the years he has also exhibited and lectured on various topics, and is a regular after dinner speaker who has also contributed to the ‘Abbey Theatre Lunchtime Lectures’, and the ‘Kilkenny Arts Festival’.

He is also a regular contributor to the ‘Arts Show’ and was previously co-presenter on ‘Media Matters’ on the nationwide Newstalk 106 radio channel, based right here in Dublin. Most recently Tom presented his own programme ‘Eye of the Mind’ on Irish’s national broadcasting station, RTÉ Radio.

Tom’s publications include: ‘Dublin – One in a Thousand’, ‘Tom Lawlor at the Gate’, and ‘Ways of Knowing’.

In 2008 Tom was presented with honorary life membership of the Irish Professional Photographers’ Association in recognition of his contribution to photography, and he has also been acknowledged in the Encyclopaedia of Ireland for his contribution to photojournalism, as well as his commentary on the art of photography. 

Curated Works

Súileir are very proud to be able to feature the works of Tom Lawlor. 

Most recently, we’re also proud to say that we’ve even collaborated directly with Tom on a substantial project for the 100th anniversary of the first publication of ‘Ulysses’, in conjunction with The James Joyce Centre.

Siskin is from the bird family of Finches

Nature Photography Day 2021

Nature Photography Day 2021

The art of nature photography is in seeking to both explore and capture the wonder and sheer beauty that surrounds us every day, all in order to make it truly immortal.

For those who really take passion in this field of photography, one philosophy must always take precedent though;

Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints.”

Back in 2006, as a way to celebrate and truly appreciate nature photography while also seeking to actively promote wildlife conservation, the North American Nature Photography Association created ‘Nature Photography Day’.

15 years later, the enthusiasm for ‘Nature Photography Day’ continues to grow worldwide. Each year on June 15th, all photographers, from the professional to the amateur, are urged to get out into nature and to capture something amazing.

‘Nature Photography Day’ helps to promote the enjoyment of nature photography, as well as to explain how images are used to advance the cause of conservation in protecting plants, wildlife, and landscapes both locally and globally.

Celebrating Irish Nature

For those of us looking for an excuse to get into the Irish outdoors this month – as if you really needed one since lockdown – ‘Nature Photography Day’ is the perfect excuse to do just that!

The wooded area of the Ballyseedy Wood Walk dates back at least to the 16th century when it is was first mapped for Sir Edward Denny. As a country, home to so much natural beauty, Ireland is one of the most perfect places to capture something wonderful.

From typical wildlife habitats such as hedgerows, ponds and streams, native woodland, bogs, and species-rich meadows and pastures, to stunning landscapes sculpted over the millennia by natural forces, our little island is home to a wonderful range of biodiversity.

For those thinking about getting out and about with a camera this June 15th for ‘Nature Photography Day’, here are some ideas to help you get started:

  • Learn about the natural history of your environment before setting out – plants, wildlife, and land.
  • Encourage the creative spirit among your family and friends – tell them about books and online resources with suggestions on how to photograph flowers, birds, and more.
  • Know that your photos can be invaluable, telling vital stories about nature.
  • Even before June 15th, immerse yourself in the legacy of nature photography by reading about the work of naturalists as well as pioneers in the profession.
  • Build vibrant memories by picking something close to home that you’ve never photographed before. Make plans to photograph that subject or scene every June 15th as an annual project!
  • Create a scavenger hunt for birds, butterflies, insects, rocks, and other natural sights likely to be close to you, but don’t just list what you’ve found – take photos!

Súileir – A Curation of Irish Talent

If you instead find yourself living abroad, but still want to enjoy stunning Irish nature, or indeed if you don’t find yourself very handy with a camera, we at Súileir can bring a piece of the remarkable Irish nature and countryside right into your very own home.

Through our curated works, we have amassed a host of amazing natural images created by some of Ireland’s best photographers and artists. Through the work of these professionals, we are reminded of the great beauty of an ancient island, steeped in natural grace.

By browsing through our online shop, you’re bound to find the perfect gift, either for yourself, or for that someone special. We happily ship worldwide, and can also add a personalised note to any order.

So, what are you waiting for? Have a look at our online shop now and grab a little piece of home, wherever you are.

You can find our Irish Landscape section here, and our Nature & Wildlife section here.


Dalkey rest

How Capturing a Moment Can Create a Timeless Piece of Art

“A picture paints a thousand words.”

Alright, so this is a well-worn metaphor, but that doesn’t make it any less fitting when talking about the world of art.

A beautiful picture – whether a photograph, an illustration, or a painting – has the power to transcend language and stir emotions. These unique ‘windows’ can allow us to hear laughter or music, to smell the rain and the grass, or to experience the soul and bustle of vibrant cities.

Photography alone also has the ability to bring fascination, wonder and sometimes, even sorrow – such is its beauty.

By capturing a small instant, a beautiful moment of life and history, it’s also possible to create a timeless piece of art.

A Curator Showing Emotion Through Photos

From an early age Leo O’Connor, the founder of Súileir, has been in love with the world of photography thanks to the influence of his father, Leo senior.

A childhood spent travelling around Ireland with family, with a camera in his hand, led young Leo to develop a passion for capturing the beautiful Irish landscape around him.

In his adult years, this in turn led to the creation of Súileir – the Irish term for ‘Ireland’s Eyes’ – a way for Leo to arrange a collection of curated work, gathered with the aim to inspire emotion and profound appreciation for the breath-taking landscapes and history of Ireland.

Súileir, created as a testament to the love that Leo has for his father, is a reflection of the great breadth of talented artists and photographers that we have on this island of Ireland. But most of all, it’s a heartfelt celebration of an intriguing and storied landscape.

The Ability to Tell a Story

From the sculpted valleys of Wicklow and the majestic mountains of Mourne, to the dramatic coastlines of the west and the brooding wildness of the north, the sense of history in Ireland is tangible.

Rock of CashelThe monuments of our past, such as Brú Na Bóinne, Clonmacnoise and Cashel connect us to a people long gone, but we can still feel their presence.

At Súileir, we are deeply proud of being able to bring together a carefully selected group of extremely talented photographers, artists and illustrators – visual storytellers in their own right – who understand exactly what it means to be Irish.

Through the work of these professionals, we are reminded of the great beauty of an ancient island, steeped in the culture of its people, and defined by the stories they tell.

In these strange times we can sometimes miss the joy of travel, discovery, or connection. But, what better way to feel connected, than with a little piece of home, wherever you are?

A Mission to Bring a Piece of Ireland Around the World

Our main aim, and one that we’ve had since day one, is to bring a piece of Ireland to as many homes throughout the world as we possibly can. With this little piece of our island, comes the associated wonder and emotion.

Whether you’re Irish by blood, or Irish at heart, Súileir is here to bring you on a heartfelt journey to the Emerald Isle.

By browsing through our online shop, you’re bound to find the perfect gift, either for yourself, or for that someone special.

We happily ship worldwide, and can also add a personalised note to any order.

After making your order, our staff proudly take care of everything to keep your print as safe as possible. Whether framed or unframed, all images are mounted, carded and wrapped, and sent in branded gift boxes through An Post, the Irish postal service. Each package can also be tracked with a tracking number.

Rest assured also, when buying from Súileir, you’re fully supporting Irish businesses.

Every item produced by Súileir is totally produced from start to finish in Ireland. All our Photographers and Artists are based in Ireland. Our printing, framing, packaging and support materials are all produced by Irish companies in Ireland. And, our branding, website design, maintenance, promotion, and hosting are all conducted by Irish companies.

What are you waiting for? Have a look at our shop now and grab a little piece of home, wherever you are.

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