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How A Beautiful Photograph Can Improve Your Personal Wellbeing

Slow Down and Appreciate the Finer Things in Life

In a world where everyone is just “too busy”, a beautiful photograph or image can have the power to stop you right in your tracks. A simple photo or painting can instantly stir up long-forgotten feelings of a particular place, or even of a particular smell.

To quote the 80’s hit film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and take a look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

The same could be said for art. We should all slow down and appreciate the inescapable beauty of a photograph or image once in a while. After all, the relationship between art, emotion, and personal wellbeing is a strong one.

Súileir’s Passion for Art

At Súileir, simply put, we love art. More specifically, we love Irish art – Súileir, translated from the Irish language, means “Ireland’s Eyes”.

Our Curator, Leo O Connor has had a huge passion for Ireland from a very early age. It’s this passion that led him to founding Súileir with the aim of bringing a piece of Ireland to as many homes throughout the world as possible. This little piece of Ireland is sent in the form of Irish art.

“Ireland is a magical place. Its beauty, its quirks, its achievements, its shortcomings, its history, its people, its culture, its stories, its customs, and its habits. It has so much to offer to so many people. Our artists have captured the true essence of Ireland in a huge variety of stunning images, and, through Súileir, we offer the ability to ship this little piece of Ireland, to every part of the world.”

Leo O Connor, Curator of Súileir

The Real Ireland – From Near or Far

There are so many amazing views and points of interest all across this small emerald isle that we call home. Our landscapes, our towns, and our cities are all unique in their own way. No two images of Ireland can ever be called the same.

Thanks to years of work from our wonderful community of photographers and artists we have been able to amass a veritable catalogue of work, clearly demonstrating Ireland’s awesome beauty in all its forms.

Additional images are also added on an ongoing basis, making Súileir the “go to” place for Irish Images.

Music and Culture

Music and culture are such an important part of Irish life. At Súileir, this aspect is very well represented. Our pieces include many of our internationally renowned homegrown performers, both past and present. Not only that, they also include world-famous stars performing in Ireland.


Through our sports collection, you can also find iconic and exciting images of Irish sport, at home and abroad. Irish athletes have consistently performed at very high levels, over many different sports, and our talented photographers and artists have managed to make these moments timeless through their work.

Are you looking for any particular event? Please ask us in our contact section and we should be able to source it for you.

Nature and Wildlife

Are you interested in the natural and wild side of Ireland? If so, we also have a huge selection of fantastic nature images available in our gallery. Floral scenes, forest scenes, rivers, lakes, wildlife, are also well represented. These images are bound to transport you to Ireland, no matter where you are in the world.

Súileir – Irish, to the Core

Everything about Súileir is Irish.

Every item produced by Súileir is totally produced from start to finish in Ireland. All our photographers and artists are based in Ireland. Our printing, framing, packaging and support materials are all produced by Irish companies in Ireland. Also, our branding, website design, maintenance, promotion, and hosting are all conducted by Irish companies.

Why not have a look at our shop now, and treat yourself or a loved one to a piece of Ireland, shipped anywhere in the world thanks to our safe and highly reliable gift service!

We look forward to opening your eyes to what Ireland has to offer.


Dalkey rest

How Capturing a Moment Can Create a Timeless Piece of Art

“A picture paints a thousand words.”

Alright, so this is a well-worn metaphor, but that doesn’t make it any less fitting when talking about the world of art.

A beautiful picture – whether a photograph, an illustration, or a painting – has the power to transcend language and stir emotions. These unique ‘windows’ can allow us to hear laughter or music, to smell the rain and the grass, or to experience the soul and bustle of vibrant cities.

Photography alone also has the ability to bring fascination, wonder and sometimes, even sorrow – such is its beauty.

By capturing a small instant, a beautiful moment of life and history, it’s also possible to create a timeless piece of art.

A Curator Showing Emotion Through Photos

From an early age Leo O’Connor, the founder of Súileir, has been in love with the world of photography thanks to the influence of his father, Leo senior.

A childhood spent travelling around Ireland with family, with a camera in his hand, led young Leo to develop a passion for capturing the beautiful Irish landscape around him.

In his adult years, this in turn led to the creation of Súileir – the Irish term for ‘Ireland’s Eyes’ – a way for Leo to arrange a collection of curated work, gathered with the aim to inspire emotion and profound appreciation for the breath-taking landscapes and history of Ireland.

Súileir, created as a testament to the love that Leo has for his father, is a reflection of the great breadth of talented artists and photographers that we have on this island of Ireland. But most of all, it’s a heartfelt celebration of an intriguing and storied landscape.

The Ability to Tell a Story

From the sculpted valleys of Wicklow and the majestic mountains of Mourne, to the dramatic coastlines of the west and the brooding wildness of the north, the sense of history in Ireland is tangible.

Rock of CashelThe monuments of our past, such as Brú Na Bóinne, Clonmacnoise and Cashel connect us to a people long gone, but we can still feel their presence.

At Súileir, we are deeply proud of being able to bring together a carefully selected group of extremely talented photographers, artists and illustrators – visual storytellers in their own right – who understand exactly what it means to be Irish.

Through the work of these professionals, we are reminded of the great beauty of an ancient island, steeped in the culture of its people, and defined by the stories they tell.

In these strange times we can sometimes miss the joy of travel, discovery, or connection. But, what better way to feel connected, than with a little piece of home, wherever you are?

A Mission to Bring a Piece of Ireland Around the World

Our main aim, and one that we’ve had since day one, is to bring a piece of Ireland to as many homes throughout the world as we possibly can. With this little piece of our island, comes the associated wonder and emotion.

Whether you’re Irish by blood, or Irish at heart, Súileir is here to bring you on a heartfelt journey to the Emerald Isle.

By browsing through our online shop, you’re bound to find the perfect gift, either for yourself, or for that someone special.

We happily ship worldwide, and can also add a personalised note to any order.

After making your order, our staff proudly take care of everything to keep your print as safe as possible. Whether framed or unframed, all images are mounted, carded and wrapped, and sent in branded gift boxes through An Post, the Irish postal service. Each package can also be tracked with a tracking number.

Rest assured also, when buying from Súileir, you’re fully supporting Irish businesses.

Every item produced by Súileir is totally produced from start to finish in Ireland. All our Photographers and Artists are based in Ireland. Our printing, framing, packaging and support materials are all produced by Irish companies in Ireland. And, our branding, website design, maintenance, promotion, and hosting are all conducted by Irish companies.

What are you waiting for? Have a look at our shop now and grab a little piece of home, wherever you are.

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