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Dealing with a global pandemic has not been easy on anyone. We’re now a year on from the start of it, but unfortunately, we’re not at the end just yet.

Ireland is suffering the same storm as everyone else. As a nation, one that’s had its fair share of sorrow and heartbreak over the centuries, we continue on – we must.

This year, we’re looking at another year without a traditional St. Patrick’s Day. On the one day of the year where the whole world comes together to celebrate being Irish, once more, we must keep our distance.


This year also, it will be the second Mother’s Day where we must appreciate our very own ‘Irish mammies’ at a distance.

To those who have Irish family abroad who cannot get home, to those who live in a different part of the country, and to those who themselves feel isolated far from loved ones, don’t despair. This year will hopefully be the last where we will have to feel this type of sorrow and longing. Covid-19 will pass, and things WILL return to normal.

Covid-19 has had a profound effect on how we now view and interact with the world. In a period where we must continue to adhere to social distancing rules, we’ve never felt a stronger need than now to feel closer to others.

Thankfully, for those who can’t visit family or friends this Mother’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day, technology has allowed us the freedom to at least see them through a screen.

Technology has also offered us, and the ones we love, alternative ways to feel closer to home thanks to online ecommerce.

At Súileir, Irish for ‘Ireland’s Eyes’, through our online store, we can help you to provide the perfect gift for those loved ones this Mother’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day.

The Perfect Gift

Through our services here at Súileir, we offer you the unique opportunity to send your loved ones the perfect gift – one of our superb professionally curated images – sent to them wherever they are in the world.

Our images – authentic ‘pieces of Ireland’ – have the exceptional ability to evoke the strongest of memories and feelings. Through them you can almost hear the laughter and songs, smell the rain and the grass, and experience the soul of the vibrant cities of our beautiful little country.

As gifts, these images are sure to be treasured year after year.

From the sculpted valleys of Wicklow and the majestic mountains of Mourne, to the dramatic coastlines of the west and the brooding wildness of the north, the sense of beauty and history that our artists have captured in their images is tangible.

Doma Na nGail
Doma na nGail Hill of Tara

Our Services

At Súileir we have a large selection of specially curated images ranging from Irish landscapes, cities, music, sport, nature, culture and art to choose from. Each image can also be beautifully framed and sent with a personalised note in one of our special postage-tracked Gift Boxes.

But what if you can’t make up your mind though? Or what if perhaps you’ve left it to the last minute?

Just select a gift voucher and let your special someone pick an image for themselves! Our digital gift voucher is delivered directly to your friend or loved one via email, with the receipt delivered directly to your inbox. It’s that simple.

Rest assured also, when buying with us at Súileir, you can be sure that you’re sending something of real quality. Every item produced by Súileir is produced from start to finish in Ireland. All our Photographers and Artists are based in Ireland. Our printing, framing, packaging and support materials are all produced by Irish companies in Ireland. Our branding, website design, maintenance, promotion, and hosting are all conducted by Irish companies. In short, every image from Súileir is totally Irish.

So, if you’d like to show your loved ones that you’re thinking of them this St. Patrick’s Day, or if you’d like a beautiful personal touch to cheer up any Mammy this Mother’s Day, then why not send them the perfect gift – their very own piece of Ireland.

Don’t miss out, check out our superb collection now by following this link to our shop.

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